Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the products of the ATTBLIME product series?2021-01-27T15:27:45+01:00

You can get the entire ATTBLIME product range exclusively in the following online store: https://www.topometric.shop

Where can I find the safety data sheets?2021-01-27T15:26:44+01:00

The safety data sheets can be found in our download area under: https://attblime.com/download/

How can I speed up the sublimation process?2021-01-27T15:28:44+01:00

The subliming products of the ATTBLIME AB6 and AB24 series are characterized by a very long service life. However, there are situations in which this should be shortened. The sublimation time is accelerated by exposing the objects to increased heat and air circulation. Ideally in the sun in the open air.

How can I prevent clogging of the nozzle with the permanent scanning spray ABP?2021-03-24T07:58:05+01:00

The permanent 3D scanning spray ABP must be shaken very vigorously before use until you have mixed the pigments sufficiently with the help of the existing ball in the can. It is best to shake until you hear the ball clearly. This way you will get the best results and the nozzle will not clog.

Does ATTBLIME AB6 contain solvents?2021-02-15T11:17:30+01:00

ATTBLIME AB6 contains the solvent isopropanol. Caution is advised when treating 1k lacquers or lacquered surfaces.

Do I need to shake the AB6 and AB24 sublimating scanning sprays before use?2021-03-24T07:56:45+01:00

No, the scanning sprays ATTBLIME AB6 and AB24, which are based on the raw material cyclododecane, do not need to be shaken before use. Unlike the semi-permanent spray ABP. This must be shaken strongly before use.

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