What is the difference between scan time and sublimation time?

The scan time (effective scan time) describes the time in which the homogeneous surface guarantees a detailed 3D digitization of the object. The sublimation time is the time within which the spray dissolves completely. The times given for the individual products vary depending on the environmental conditions such as the component surface, room temperature, air [...]

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How does cyclododecane behave on sealing rubbers?

The following observations can occur when AB6 and AB24 are applied to rubber parts where the surface is treated with silicone. A reaction can start, due to the fact that the CDC (cyclododecane) changes from solid to liquid and then to gaseous state, the CDC dissolves after spraying, through the silicone compositions. Thus, after a [...]

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Can CDC keep up with conventional scanning spray in terms of fineness?

Due to the optimisation in our development, the ATTBLIME®️ Cyclododecane no longer builds up as strongly and the fineness of AB2 and AB6 is guaranteed even after repeated spraying. Its unique composition delivers a homogenous fine layer with a long sublimation time without the need of subsequent layer makes it the best 3D Scanning Spray [...]

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Can ATTBLIME meet the increasing demand for CDC?

With the increasing demand for cyclododecane (CDC), ATTBLIME is able to serve the world market at any time. We produce and distill CDC with a purity of over 99.9%, the highest commercially available. In order to satisfy the different needs of our customers, we always have all products such as AB2, AB6, AB6-G and AB24 [...]

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How does CDC affect nature and health?

A common misconception about this chemical substance is that it has harmful effects and cancer causing properties. But studies have shown that CDC is safe to use and has no proven harmful effects. In 2008, CDC was to be added to the European SVHC list as a substance of concern. However, due to some errors [...]

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How can I speed up the sublimation process?

The subliming products of the ATTBLIME AB6 and AB24 series are characterized by a very long service life. However, there are situations in which this should be shortened. The sublimation time is accelerated by exposing the objects to increased heat and air circulation. Ideally in the sun in the open air.

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